Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There's a new Jesse Stone movie on the way. So keep an eye out for that as well! Producing is certainly a new experience from acting.

Hope all is well with everyone,


Blogger gouzigouzi said...

Hello ! :-)

Are you the real Tom Selleck ?

8:29 AM

Blogger horsedeb54 said...

Hi Tom,

I Can't wait for the new Jesse Stone movie...

And your wonderful on Vegas..

Thank you for the Valentine wishes you e-mailed me yesterday..you made my day.
again you are very sweet..

your friend

1:06 PM

Blogger Mary Kelly said...

Looking forward to it! Unfortunately, we only get a few channels out here and they don't always come in clearly (so we spend most nights reading)...it might be a while until I see it released on DVD, but I know it'll be good :)

9:17 AM

Blogger Maui said...

Finally Tom!

I'm your greatest fan from Italy, Mr. Selleck, and I've waited for this post for a long time, so you can understand what means having news from you today after 2 almost 2 years...feeling like driving a Ferrari at Oahu in a nice day of spring, surrounded by beautiful ladies!

It's true, may be you, “old dinosaur”, just can’t keep up with the newest technologies, but who cares?? Old dinos are important for many other reasons, aren’t they?

I didn’t miss any episode of Magnum, and even thought here it’s not easy to find your movies in italian, I’ve tried to search the Jesse Stone ones, but it seems Selleck’s popularity is not very spread here, and there’s not much to buy about your works. I’d really like to live in the US also to better follow what’s your job.

Sorry if my english is not that good, this is my first post on your blog, so I’m a little bit excited!

I know to be on late, happy birthday, anyhow. Please don’t disappear again, and keep going on with your fantastic work, we all love you.

Take care, Tom...

Maurizio (Rome, Italy)

5:35 AM

Blogger nonobadkitty said...

Heeyyy! Cool beans, you're back! I'm so glad you're "back in (our) livingrooms," though I don't get to see the first runs. Too late for my sched. Just good to know you're back at it!:) Having satellite means you can always catch a rerun, somewhere....Sleuth runs blocks of Magnum, thank goodness!:))
Best to you,

4:48 PM

Blogger Rebecca said...

Aloha, 'Uncle Tom!' (Ha! Rebecca, here...from Sacramento! Long time no see, hear, or anything...in a long time, eh?!) Glad to see you're back writing on your blog...it's about time! =) Congrats on the Vegas role, it suits you perfectly. I actually watch you in my living room now... my how the years have flown by from the Black Point days in Oahu, eh? You may feel like you're a dinosaur, but you look as handsome as you did 25 years ago at the Magnum PI promo baseball game at Kapiolani park. (Now, that's a long time ago!) Yes, we all become 'dinosaurs'...eventually. (Ha!) Some age more gracefully, as you have!

Happy belated birthday! You look great as ever. Why didn't I get a Valentine wish from you...so sad.

I love the Jesse Stone movies. It must be fun to be producing rather than acting for a change, eh? Would love to hear from you some time...

Take care, 'Uncle Tom'. I hope you write more often on your blog.

~Rebecca (aka 'Becky')
Sacramento, CA

4:30 AM

Blogger tinydancer said...

Mr. Selleck-what a nice surprise to find a current posting from 'you' (hopefully, you). I know that 'Thin Ice' is the next Jesse Stone installment, but haven't been able to ascertain the air date. Do you know when it will show?

I hope you have been enjoying your stint on Las Vegas as much as your fans have enjoyed seeing you regularly again on TV. You do know how to wear a Tuxedo well!!

And, from my perspective the older we get the better we become. What we see in that mirror has nothing to do with the youngster that still lives inside...

Be well, and know that you are well loved by many.

: ) : ) - tinydancer

3:21 PM

Blogger cowboyways said...

Tom, Nice to see your back! Now i have a reason to go back to the video store. A lot of us still like a show, where the good guys, still wear cowboy hats (baseball caps will do fine to) lol im sure if John Wayne were with us today, he would be very proud of what you have done, and are doing! take care

8:56 AM

Blogger Mary Kelly said...

Good morning Tom,

I didn't feel like reading last night and there wasn't anything that interested me on PBS, so I watched "Crossfire Trail". Good movie :)

While I truly enjoy all your work, I like your cowboy movies the best. Don't know why, maybe it's the romantic-old-movie-lover in me; but those roles seems to suit you best...they seem to be more "you". I don't know how to explain it, but you seem more relaxed and at ease.

Anyway...thanks for the great evening and keep up the good work. Maybe tonight I'll watch "Quigley" :)

Mary Kelly

7:56 AM

Blogger Rp12980 said...

Congrats on the upcoming new Jesse flick. My wife is a great fan of yours and I was wondering how I would get in touch with you or your representation to see your availablity to join our family at her 50th !! All expenses paid for you and your family to beautiful Sarasota, FL

2:30 PM

Blogger Pate said...

Hi Tom Selleck, you're still as gorgeous as ever!! Love seeing you on TV again .. only started watching Vegas since you came on.
Glad to see you're posting again. Very Exciting!!

Pate from Alberta, Canada

6:07 PM

Blogger nuvola said...

dear Tom,
here in Italy i wake up every morning to see Magnum PI on tv it's the millionest time i see it but it's always funny and frankly it makes my day! hope you are doing good! Annie from italy

2:38 AM

Blogger Debra Poirier said...

Hi I'm glad to see you writing again. I'm sorry Vegas was canceled. I have all your Jesse Stone DVD still waiting for the Magnum PI 7th and 8th season. I can't seem to find them in the stores . I will just have to order those on line . Wish you and your family well.Bet your big house is spacious with only Jillie and yourself . Best wishes always .As I wrote before the acting buiness is coming along fine. We did this one movie I don't want to say the name of it . But they did change the name and said if they didn't that you could get them in a lot of trouble . I agreed with them . When they first told me the name of the movie . I ask can't Tom Selleck sue you. They must have really thought about my question . They changed the name to Timing.

6:39 AM

Blogger Astro said...

Hey Tom,
How cool is this site? I was just surfing and started wondering about you and what you are up to. Looks like you are doing OK. Just want to say I always liked your work, specially Runaway (I am a sci fi gal). Where are you living now? Did they really shoot Magnum in Hawaii? Wow how cool is that?

Do you ride horses? I have two.

I wish you the best.


7:38 PM

Blogger wildwolfe said...

Hey, Thomas! Still working the cramps out from the strain of that last post??!!??

Not to dredge up old stuff, but just re-watched Quigley tonight. You were great! But, I was wondering what you thought about Laura San Giacomo. Is she a righteous babe, or a liberal? It's now such an old film that there just isn't much extra on the DVD, but I noticed that you did not mention her at all - was there some friction there, or was that just an accident of editing?

Another change of subject; I'm also a member of the NRA, and I hope we can look forward to your Presidency. I believe you are capable of earning a place alongside Charlton Heston and Marion Hammer and Joe Foss.

7:01 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about Las Vegas, I'm going to miss you in my living room every Friday night. I will have to survive on Magnum PI DVD's, Jess Stone movies and some of my favorites of your past movies. Best wishes to you and your family.:)

5:37 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

My condolences on the loss of your friend...best wishes to your family and friends in this difficult time.

9:01 PM

Blogger darolyninva said...

Hi Tom,

I feel like a teenager writing this and thats a pretty big deal since I am 77 years old! I am so happy you are making the Jesse Stone Movies. The only trouble with them is that they dont come out fast enough and there arent enough of them. I have enjoyed your work from Magnum PI (never missed an episode) through Quigley and the Sacketts to Jesse Stone.
Keep busy, we love it.

A very great fan,


8:45 AM

Blogger KnifemakerMatt said...

Hi Tom! Iam also a huge fan from here in the middle of California, Fresno to be exact. I justed missed you a few years back at the Celebrity Trap/Skeet match on Lani when we were on vacation on Maui. I was bummed out that I was leaving the day before you were going to be shootin. Iam an NRA life member and have been shooting since I was a little kid.Its a great thing you do supporting the NRA and I really want to thank you for that. I grew up watching Magnum and still watch the reruns when there on. Iam also a huge Pontiac muscle car nut, do you remember the episode when you were being chased by the white 1970 GTO? Best episode ever! I was a mechanic for many years but started my onw business a few years ago, I now make one off custom folding pocket knives.Do you collect guns or knives? Your one celebrity that really seems to be a normal down to earth guy, very rare these days and very cool. Love the Jesse Stone movies, great to hear a new one is coming out. Nice to be able to say hi here! Have a great one.

10:51 PM

Blogger Mary said...

Hi Mr. Selleck, I have enjoyed watching you on TV and movies for a long time. We recently bought the second season of Magnum PI. I am looking forward to the next Jesse Stone movie. We were disappointed that NBC chose to cancel Vegas without really ending all the story lines. I loved having you in my living room every week. Happy Belated Birthday also. Mary

3:33 PM

Blogger guido said...

Dear Tom
i'm your fan from Italy
i'm very glad to write you and i put here mu memory about you: in '90 i wrote you about magnum pi and u sent me a your foto now i thanx u for that present
thanx thanx forever

3:26 PM

Blogger guido said...

Dear Tom
i'm your fan from Italy
i'm very glad to write you and i put here mu memory about you: in '90 i wrote you about magnum pi and u sent me a your foto now i thanx u for that present
thanx thanx forever

3:27 PM

Blogger katrina said...

Hello, Tom,
I've been a fan since "Myra Breckenridge". It's good to see you back on TV. I really hope you make more westerns...we need more westerns. You do know how to sit a horse. I also enjoy your comedic talents as well as your personal integrity...being rich and famous doesn't have to ruin one's life. You've certainly shown us that. Take good care and bring on the westerns!
Blessings to you and yours,

2:14 PM

Blogger nwebster1 said...

Tom-I've been a huge fan of yours since the Magnum P.I. days. I've bought all of the episodes on DVD and enjoy watching them, along with all of your other films and television shows.

We might not always share the same political views,but I have great respect for the way you stand by your values and don't buckle under to Hollywood pressure.

Keep smiling-you have a beautiful smile!


12:09 PM

Blogger ldswm11 said...

I look forward to seeing your new Jesse Stone movie....hope everything is ok with you and Jillie....it must've been pretty bad for you to have to take a solo vacation without her......about Vegas....do you know why all of a sudden the show Vegas has stopped coming on Friday nights? I liked your character that the casting people chose for you to play.....I wished I could've been one of your employees coming up to play a game of bowling with you...it seemed that would be good way to deal with any problems that Cooper would have and a way to connect with his employees,but the cigar....I don't know....it seemed like that was a requirement in order for them to play the game with you....I guess I would've been given the boot if I refused to smoke a cigar....anyway,hope everything is well with you and Jillie....isn't it getting about time for Hannah to move back home from her first year of college? I'll bet you and Jillie really have missed her being home with this being her first year......I'll bet she'll be looking forward to moving back home with you guys....I know I would if I had left home for a year. I would have been very homesick.....please email me sometime...it'd be great to hear from you.....take care

3:42 AM

Blogger A Weekend Baker said...

Tom, hello. Thanks for your latest posting; "blogging" is not high priority on your "to do" lists, I know, but a short posting on a more regular basis would be cool!! :) I hope that the Jessie Stone movie production has gone well, and that all on the set "enjoyed" your telling them what to do! haha ... Personally I am glad the first four months of the year are over (a heavy workload during this time) and now it is time for a bit of relaxation on my part!! Enjoy the spring! Keep the faith! Huggs.

12:19 PM

Blogger ldswm11 said...

hello,Tom....I have been your fan since I was knee high to junebug,no I'm kidding,really,since I have been 13.....though you were don't take this the wrong way and even though you were much older than me...I still thought that you were a hunk and even though I am at the age of 41,you're still looking good....you'll have to tell me about the new Jesse Stone movie and when it comes out either on dvd or tv....since it seems that this was a recent email that you were sending everybody,I figured this must be a new movie that we haven't seen yet...Sorry,to hear about you and Jillie not getting along....I think you guys been married about a little over 20 years....can't expect a perfect marriage,I should know that,I'm still married to the same man who was my first love,we've been married 18 years...hasn't been easy though....I do agree however,that having a little space would be good for the both of you....perfect place to heal your feelings....Hawaaii is a great place to get your mind off of things.....just wanted to let you know,that I haven't seen you on Vegas,so what happened with that? Have they cancelled the show? Oh,well....I will let you go for I know that you are a very,very busy man....with lots of things to see and do....email me back sometime....I think that you're a sweet man...take care!

4:11 PM

Blogger Debra Poirier said...

Hi Tom can't wait to see your new Jessie Stone movie Thin Ice . I'm sorry they took Vegas off . I heard you were working on a new cowboy movie .
Best Wishes
Debra Poirier

4:50 PM

Blogger monica said...

Hey Tom! It is late and I am about to put in season 5 of Magnum, which is my nightly ritual. I would love to sit and talk to you about "just stuff". It is not as much about being a fan as repecting what you have done and what you stand for. What a great legacy to leave behind. It is late and eposode 6 is waiting. Goodnight! Monica (41) Alabama

10:25 PM

Blogger Ron said...


I just wish you'd make some more westerns. Since John Wayne's death, no one has embodied that spirit of the American cowboy better than you and frankly, I think you do it better. I'm a fan from the beginning and always will be. I'm looking forward to the new Stone movie.


7:09 PM

Blogger tres1 said...

Hello Tom,

Glad that you are back in my livingroom.
Hope to hear soon from you.

Best wishes,

Hanneke Hofstee

3:55 AM

Blogger laura said...

2 very good weaterns by harry combs . BRULS and THE SCOUT once you start reading them you can,t put them dowm

7:10 PM

Blogger Lara Angelina said...

Dear Mr. Selleck,

I'm an old fan from the Magnum days and have always enjoyed your westerns. However, Jesse Stone is just a great character and I can't imagine anyone else playing him. If I remember correctly, even Parker himself gave you the thumbs up! I enjoyed the Parker books -- my only comment is that his female characters seem to be a bit on the under-developed side -- but you give us just enough of Jesse to keep us glued. Can't wait for the next installment!
Congrats to you and your continued success -- and my best to your lovely family,
Lara Harrison

9:05 PM

Blogger tom.powers said...

I just finished watching Quigly for the umpteenth time. What a great movie. Being raised on Saturday mornings by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Hop-A-Long Cassidy & Sky King I'm a little biased but I think you should have made more westerns.

3:10 AM

Blogger Dianne said...

I look forward to "Thin Ice" this fall. I watched all of the Magnum episodes and your Western while I recovered from surgery. Thank you for keeping my thoughts positive. You are a great talent with a wide range.

All the best,

7:09 PM

Blogger Dee said...

I look forward to "Thin Ice" this fall. I watched all the Magnum episodes and your Westerns while recovering from surgery. You are an excellent actor with a wide range of emotion and personality on the screen. Thank you for keeping my spirits positive.


7:16 PM

Blogger P-Sue said...

Hi Tom, I'm so thrilled to find this page as I have been a fan for many years.My 6 year old daughter is a fan too. Believe it or not she likes to watch Magnum with me in the afternoon!She's so funny. We were recently watching Quigley Down Under and when Quigley went after the bad guys she started hollering "Go,Magnum,go!" It was so cute. To her you're "Magnum". Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us.You have brought so much enjoyment to so many.And I know you will continue to do so.God bless and keep you. Love Pam P.S. We love the Jesse Stone Movies!

10:47 PM

Blogger P-Sue said...

Hi Tom,I'm so thrilled to find this page as I have been a fan for many years. My 6 year old daughter is a fan too. Believe it or not she likes to watch Magnum with me in the afternoons! She's so funny.We were recently watching Quigley Down Under and when Quigley went after the bad guys, real loud she started hollering"Go Magnum,go"! To her you're "Magnum". Thank you for sharing you time and talent with us. You've brought so much joy to so many and I know you will continue to do so. God bless and keep you. Love, Pam P.S.We love the Jesse Stone movies

10:54 PM

Blogger Jaana said...

Dear mr Selleck!
Hope everything's fine with you. We have a sister who has been a huge fan of your Magnum P.I. character. She is having a special birthday on the Nov. 4th this year and we thought a signed picture of You would be an excellent gift for her. Would this be possible?
With kind regards:al&jj

9:52 AM

Blogger Jane said...

I've been a fan since the early
I have admired your work over the years and also how you seem to have remained grounded and provide
a stable and private life for
your beautiful family within such
a hectic business.
Even though people seem to try and
make celebrities out to be the characters they play, you always
seem to put sincerity and authenticity into all of your roles.
Don't get me wrong, as a female fan, I would have loved nothing better than to meet "Magnum"
in person. He was so entertaining and funny and you played him so well, but even back then I thought
there was a lot more depth there
and you have showed that depth and intensity to us over the years.

Thanks so much for all the hard work and great entertainment.


6:43 PM

Blogger HansonKD said...

Hi, Tom-

I was in Louisville at the NRA convention earlier this year, and heard you showed up, too. Really appreciate your efforts with all things 2A and RKBA...

I don't watch a lot of broadcast TV, so I was surprised and pleased to happen on the Jesse Stone series, all on DVD. I'm looking forward to "Thin Ice", and hope you continue with the franchise. It's great writing, and it's great casting; I really enjoyed Saul Rubinek.

Best of luck and best wishes,

Kurt Hanson

11:49 PM

Blogger HansonKD said...

Hi, Tom-

I was in Louisville at the NRA convention earlier this year, and heard you showed up, too. Really appreciate your efforts with all things 2A and RKBA...

I don't watch a lot of broadcast TV, so I was surprised and pleased to happen on the Jesse Stone series, all on DVD. I'm looking forward to "Thin Ice", and hope you continue with the franchise. It's great writing, and it's great casting; I really enjoyed Saul Rubinek.

Best of luck and best wishes,

Kurt Hanson

11:50 PM

Blogger cml said...

i was browsing around and found this page. i cant help thinking that you sound rather sad or melancholic. and that streak is present in magnum and a lot of your other roles as well. is this what drives you as an actor/director?

i have just started to re-watch magnum pi and am in heaven. they are wonderful and you should be proud, assuming that you really are the one and only :-$).

:) cml

4:40 AM

Blogger Sherm said...

Love the STONE COLD films, being from Cape Cod, the boggy terrain is familiar, the character authentic. I like LA, but have an enduring love of New England.
I learned more from you about acting on the first day doing Las Vegas last summer, than I had in the year I'd been in LA before then. Character integrity and logic. Tim Busfield directing, and making non-contextual action suggestions..., it was a great revelation to see you calmly re-direct the energy, explaining in a single sentence why you'd 'rather not' because of what your character had just done in the context of the scene seconds before. Which Tim of course realized and agreed with, being a bright guy.
Listen, I'll send word through your managment company, but seeing this blog I'll tell you right now, yesterday someone I was buying an old Corvette from here in Pasadena tried to sell me one of the 3 Ferrari 308GT's that were used in the 'PI' series. It's totally restored, and the man's in a divorce and unloading assets at below market value, 50% off his costs of ownership. I don't need the car, cheap though it is, so today I called Imagine Ent. to see if they might want it for their property ('Magnum P.I.' the film. I didn't get past the receptionist, who informed me (like she would know) that the company wouldn't want it, and the film won't be in production until 2012. I just wondered if you had a yen for a car from your old series, fully restored, priced in the mid 20's. If anyone should have first dibs, it's you. All the best.
(If my email doesn't show here, you can reach me thru SAG, under my professional name J.D.Beck) Thanks!

1:50 AM

Blogger Detroit Tiger said...

Hi, Tom! I'm a big fan of yours. Thomas Magnum's the best. Now, I'd like to ask you one question. Is it true that your father is born in Slovakia - Europe. Or is he from Serbia or Croatia? I 'm from Croatia and I'd really like to know that your family is from Slovakia - my 'neighbourhood'. Oh, one more question. You last name - Selleck sure isn't from here. Did you change it to sounds more american or somethin'? Thanks for your answer. (I'm only 14.)

11:23 AM

Blogger Detroit Tiger said...

Hi, Tom! I'm a big fan of yours. Thomas Magnum's the best. Now, I'd like to ask you one question. Is it true that your father is born in Slovakia - Europe. Or is he from Serbia or Croatia? I 'm from Croatia and I'd really like to know that your family is from Slovakia - my 'neighbourhood'. Oh, one more question. You last name - Selleck sure isn't from here. Did you change it to sounds more american or somethin'? Thanks for your answer. (I'm only 14.)

11:24 AM

Blogger Rum Muffin said...

Are you aware there is a MYSPACE page dedicated to your moustache? Yep, it's Tom Selleck's Moustache. Of course, I added your moustache to my top friends. How could I not? I've always been a big fan...not only of your moustache, but you as well. I've always joked that I married my wonderful husband because I had not met or married you first. You are still my "freebie" though.
Have a great day!


2:11 PM

Blogger Beth said...

I have never posted on a blog in my life, but I had to comment on the Emmy's last night, or shall I call it the Democratic National Convention, Part II? I just smiled when you came on to announce the final category. Everyone must have been squirming in their seats when you took the stage... but you were the only one in the room to keep his political comments to himself. Job well done! As always, a man of class.

Thanks. Beth

4:47 AM

Blogger billpapp said...

Hi Tom,

I noted your last post was February 2008 and I don't know if the blog is still active but I will give it a try rather than get pushed back by your representatives at 360 or ICM.

Your pal Frank Sinatra once said that "Selleck would make a great bad guy in a movie." I agree.

I have a novel called THE MARGINAL ROAD I'm marketing as a film property. The lead character is a 60ish Lithuanian collaborator named JONAS who is leading a double-life in the Midwest and is being pursued by the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations. The novel was inspired by the Jon Demjanjuk case.

The character and story is perfect for you based on your Rusyn background, Detroit roots, and the truth in Sinatra's comment that you would make a great villain.

So, do you want to read THE MARGINAL ROAD? For now, it's that simple.


Bill Pappalardo

10:26 PM

Blogger kitkat said...

Hi Tom,
I know this is going to be a weird request but it never hurts to ask. I know that you hunt near San Antonio. I am friends with some of the neighbors. My dear friend Amy, who adores you, is having a 40th birthday party on December 5,2008. I was wondering if you were in town that weekend if you could make a super fast appearance at her party. She thinks that you are as she puts it "a manly man". We all tease her because she drools at the mention of your name. Just thought I would ask.

2:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom Selleck!

I can't tell you how much my husband and I enjoy watching reruns of Magnum and your Jesse Stone movies together. We are very happy to hear you're making another one. As fans of Magnum, we're not too happy with the idea of a Magnum movie without you. It just doesn't "feel" right.

I recently found out you are an avocado farmer (who doesn't like avocados!) Well I love them, and I usually buy about 10 California Avocados each week, and I would like to think they're from your farm!

My family (great-grandfather and grandfather) were farmers - tobacco. We always had a small plot that was reserved for vegetables for the family and I spent many summers shucking corn and shelling beans! In the afternoons, all of us kids would climb up onto the roof of the tractor shed and gather up the pecans that fell from the tree. My great-grandmother would make the most delicious pecan pie from those nuts! We also fattened up a pig each year for a killer family Pig Pickin'. It was the best BBQ ever! There's something noble and courageous about being a farmer, living off of and caring for the land...giving life back to the earth that gives to you.

I just want to thank you, Tom, for the hours of wonderful, wholesome story-telling you have given me and so many others. That's the secret I think...simple heart-felt story-telling, and you've done it so brilliantly!

Warm wishes to you for the future and abundant blessings!

With deepest respect, gratitude, and admiration,
Sharon & Jimmy McKittrick

3:17 PM

Blogger Ariane said...

Hi Tom,
it´s actually unbelievable it could be YOU but... why not? Great if it is and THANKS for letting your fan(cy?)-world take part of a piece of your private life. Anybody else being somehow famous would try to hide but not you.

Unfortunatly, there are only two former Jesse Stone movies here in Germany to get, even the trader had to order and looked a little crossways while asking. So I consoled myself by seeing an old "Magnum pi" sequence in the afternoon at home, feeling like that 16years old girl again ;-)

I have a question which I hope you maybe are so friendly to comment at the following entry into your blog: Last April the great Charlton Heston died, may he rest in peace. Nancy Reagan went into the church on your arm, so I wanted to know, how you got to know her. Is she also a fan of you? Or you of her or/and Mr.Ex-President?
I´m sorry if this seems to be too personally, I´ve no ulterior motive.

Hope you enjoy your life,
all the best,

5:54 AM

Blogger ginny said...

Hi Tom
Got to this site by googling si that a word? anyway I have all the Magnum P.I. DVD's all eight seasons..insane I know..and have watch The Jesse Stone movies..alittle depressing...my name is ginny osborne and just wanted to say HI!!

2:09 PM

Blogger PatrickG said...


Not sure if this is the best way to go about this or not, but I have a very rare Winchester 1886 rifle in 45-90 (made in 1891) that I'm interested in selling, and since it's known that you collect Winchester rifles and this rifle would truly enhance any Winchester collection, I wanted to first make the offer to you. It came from the factory with a 22" barrel - you'll understand the significance of that - and I have the letter from the Cody Firearms Museum.

I have no idea other than this blog of a way to get in touch with you, but I can be reached by email at trickg4@comcast.net

Take care,

Patrick G.

8:22 AM

Blogger Detroit Tiger said...

Magnum!I command you to come back immediatley! Magnum!

12:36 PM

Blogger Detroit Tiger said...

Magnum! I command you to come back immediatley! Magnum!

12:38 PM

Blogger ginny said...

Hi Tom
Found your site by googling (is that a word?) just want to say hi!

10:14 AM

Blogger seaclown said...

Hi Tom,

It's funny...I think those of us that grew up watching Magnum, feel like your friends already. That must be weird for you...bunches of strangers all gaga and such.

Anyway, I ran across your blog because my boyfriend (he's 6'4" and I'm a little shorty at 5'4" - kind of like you and your wife) was looking for a Hawaiian shirt ala Magnum and that spurred my internet search about one of my favorite shows when I was a teen.

Read somewhere that you have an avocado farm. Isn't it great! My cousin lives south of San Luis Obispo and we've gone driving out among the avocado trees. She actually got married on a ranch out there.

Anyway...many wishes for continued success.


10:39 AM

Blogger MarkD said...

It doesn't appear that this blog has been updated since Feb. I understand that you collect lever action Winchesters. My father was an avid gun collector and acquired a Winchester model 38-55 target rifle. The rifle has been in my family for years and now that dad has passed away my 84 year mother would like to give you the gun for your collection if you're interested. The gun was rumored to have been owned by Teddy Roosevelt however with no pictures or serial number it's impossible to validate the story. If you're interested I can email pictures and a description. Although the gun is currently in No. Calif. I am in Simi Valley and so realtively close.

4:40 PM

Blogger bbateman3 said...

mr. selleck i have been a big fan of yours for many years, i have every episode of magnum pi on dvd and have been rewatching them lately ( they are as good now as they were origionally ) and i would like to thank you for many years of great tv and movies that you have provided us with. keep up the good work! i was wondering if you keep in touch with your old costars from magnum? if so please pass on my thanks to them as well as my best wishes. well i hope everything is great with you and your life. live long and prosper.

7:13 PM

Blogger Scooter McGee said...


I have some information on the Cowboy and the Cossack rights, but would like to discuss what I know directly with you rather than throught the website via public comment.

Of course there is a lot of work to do, but what an Epic movie it could be eh?

Let me know, as I would like to be a project manager for this project of you if that would be possible.



10:28 PM

Blogger Emmerson Simpson said...

Hi Tom,I hear you enjoy fishing and sometimes you come up here in New Brunswick Canada to do some salmon fishing in the Miramichi.Maybe in one of your next trips up you should check out the Shark fishing here in the Bay of Fundy,We have had National Geo. and a lot of T.V. fishing shows tell us that we could have the best big game fishing in Canada.
You can check it out on my web site www.sharksunlimited.ca
If you are interested maybe you should e-mail me from the site,Should be a blast.Take note that it is strictly a catch and release research sport fishery.
Regards Emmerson

12:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

je cherche à vous joindre par un autre moyen j'ai votre adresse en californie mais il serait plus facile de communiquer par mail.
Est-ce que vous voulez bien

4:27 AM

Blogger Tucker said...

Mr. Selleck
I feel silly asking this, but were you the person I spoke with at the MCC in Detroit Feb 3, 2009? If you don't know what that means, then I suppose it wasn't you (and that there is a great imposter out there). If it was - I apologize for not recognizing you.
Thank you for letting me know if you have time.

6:28 AM

Blogger Tucker said...

Mr. Selleck
Were you in Detroit Feb 3, 2009?

6:29 AM

Blogger Debra Poirier said...

Happy Birthday Tom Will be glad to see you again in the Jesse Stone movie Thin Ice .In March 2009, since I'm in the movies too. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet . One of your fans in Charlotte NC.

8:08 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

Hello Tom, and Happy Birthday for THIS year, 2009. You just get better and better, so don't you count those years, just enjoy! Can't get enough of Jesse Stone, so I am eagerly watching for the next one. You are and always have been my favorite, second only to Clint Eastwood (sorry). LOVE YA!

8:37 PM

Blogger Joel Oliphant said...

Hey Tom,
Just wanted to let you know, I had you in a minor role in my world, but I have to let you go. seems as though I have to play the role now. It's a weird issue, and I'm not sure you'll get the big picture of it. But rest assured, it was a good run, and I really appreciate all you have done for me.

12:03 PM

Blogger Mark W. said...

Hi Tom,

You da man. Thanks for all the hard work.

Manetti's book was pretty good.

The couple in Stone Cold is so unappealing I can't watch them.

I convinced my buddy to go to Thousand Clowns in Boston, others thought we were gay. heh heh Good job on the uke. You still playing the uke?

Thanks Tom.

Mark Cape Cod

5:50 PM

Blogger Mary Kelly said...

I missed the new Jesse Stone :( but I did you see your interview on the CBS morning news - which was nicely done - and my husband said he heard that the show was rated #2 that evening. So CONGRATS!!

Looks like I'll have to wait for the DVD release and in the meantime, will be watching your cowboy movies :)

Thanks for your hardwork and great entertainment.

9:52 AM

Blogger Carol Ripps said...

I don't know if this site is still active...

I would like to take the chance and say that I am a very dedicated fan who has watched you since Magnum PI, in an episode of Taxi, in High Road to China, Quigley Down Under, In and Out, and others, as well as in Las Vegas. I was so glad to have you back on TV on a regular basis.

I almost had the opportunity to meet you when you visited the set of the Cosby Show at their Brookyn studio, many years ago. I am sorry I missed that opportunity.

I wish you continued success and happiness.

Your friend,


2:09 PM

Blogger Sonoma said...

We love Jesse Stone. Keep writing, keep having Justice and Truth win,keep saving the day and keep making the rules.

We love you, we love you, we love you.

8:20 PM

Blogger Life in Kernersville - 2008 said...

My girlfriend saw you in a restaurant in Toronto last year I think. She was too shy to ask for an autograph but drooled just the same. One of the women she was lunching with had to use the ladies room almost the same time you needed the men's room. You offered her friend to guard the men's room for her but decided to wait. Needless to say, you made quite an impression on my friend. She said you are such a gentleman, far more handsome in person, very tall and just appear to be such a wonderful person.

As for me, you've been my favorite since the beginning of Magnum PI and always will be. As far as I'm concerned, you're the best, down to earth and a normal human being for which I'm grateful. You're just the best in my book. I enjoy everything you do and always look forward to something new from you. Jessie Stone is quite a character. I hope the movies never end.

You're just the best in my book. I'm such a big fan of yours.

Patty Jackson

9:04 AM

Blogger Rick in Duxbury said...

Love all the Jesse Stone work. Great stuff. I had the privilege of meeting your late father back in the early 80's when we both worked for the same real estate firm. What an amazing gentleman! The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Good health to you and the family. Have a great summer in Maine!

5:07 PM

Blogger P-Sue said...

Hello Mr Selleck,We sure did ejoy the latest Jesse Stone movie,"Thin Ice" and are anxiously waiting for the next one.We are also looking forward to your new film "Five Killer". Hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for sharing you talent with us. You've always brought us so much joy and continue to do so. God bless. Love, Pam H.

10:04 AM

Blogger laughoutloud said...

I saw you in the hall the other day. You looked a little depressed or angry, couldn't tell. But then Liddie walked by you and tripped and you cracked up. It was hilarious. Funny, our reactions to things, huh? I mean, she really could have hurt herself, but pratfalls just crack us up - even when unintended. She's okay, by the way. And she's been telling everyone about tripping in front of you. Knowing her she'll be telling it every day for the rest of her life. Damn, that woman can drive a story into the ground. LOL

3:14 PM

Blogger none said...

Magnum P.I. is a God!

2:12 AM

Blogger none said...

Magnum P.I is God!

12:13 AM

Blogger seawink said...

Hi Tom,

I just figured out this BLOG thing and it is really, really cool! First off, I'm a big fan and I'm hoping to see more of you out there in 'movieland'. On a sadder note I have some news that I have to deliver & I could not find a good way to contact you except here.

A good friend of ours as passed: Gary Kaufman and here is his obituary for your info.

Message: Gary's obituary notice

Please visit the Death Notice for Gary Shelby Kaufman


Also, on Friday, June 5, 2009 at 1:00pm, family & friends will be having memorial services & Full Military Honors for him at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, CA.

If you are interested in further details you can contact me at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, Arlene Salvador at (707) 693-2463.

Gary mentioned your name with great fondness and I thought it would be at least good that you know of his passing. He was a retired US Navy Chief and I believe he met you a few times in Hawaii?? I am not privy to the whole story since it is my husband Ray Salvador, his best friend & my hubby is who told me about it.

If you're not too busy I'm sure that Gary's family would be pleased to know that you know about his passing.

Keep the movies coming!


11:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr selleck,
i have become adddicted to watching your jesse stone series and was wondering if you were coming out with anohter after thin ice.
sincerest thanks a canadian

6:42 PM

Blogger Mary Kelly said...

The other day I was watching "Sea Change" and now I am wondering...What does an Executive Producer do? I think I understand what the Director does, but am not clear on the Producer's role.

6:10 AM

Blogger Sherrye said...

I am a long-time forever fan of your work, especially Magnum, Quigley, and Jesse Stone--which are satisfying shows to watch over and over. But the latest Jesse Stone was a disappointment. Seems like once you all departed from the Robert B. Parker novels, the story lost its power. The great characters are there but we viewers keep waiting for the action to start. As the producer, can you do something to remedy this?

1:39 PM

Blogger Tery said...

Hi Tom ~
Just saw you on Rachael Ray show. You still look as handsome as ever. Like alot of women, I've had a crush on you since the Magnum days...when we were both much younger; I think you're just 5 years older than me. Luckily, at the time, I found a semi-lookalike, & dated him for a few years. ;-)
Anyway, looking forward to seeing the movie!

9:25 AM

Blogger Tery said...

Hi Tom ~
Just saw you on Rachael Ray show. You still look as handsome as ever. Like alot of women, I've had a crush on you since the Magnum days...when we were both much younger; I think you're just 5 years older than me. Luckily, at the time, I found a semi-lookalike, & dated him for a few years. ;-)
Anyway, looking forward to seeing the movie!

9:27 AM

Blogger Maria said...

Hi Tom,
Admired you the moment set eyes on you in that other US cop series (you were an attorney in a white suit) in the 80s and then came Magnum PI! Avid fan!

Loved the show - Higgins called you Rhett Butler and he was indeed correct.

Have just seen 3 of the Jesse Stone films and so thrilled to see you back again, as handsome as ever, thoroughly enjoyed the films and so glad you kept the moustache!

All the very best.
From a great admirer since the 80s,

Maria (UK)

4:52 AM

Blogger Maria said...

Hi Tom,
I was looking for a fan club for you and came across this and joined.

Have been a massive admirer since the 80s when saw you first as an attorney in another US Cop series dressed in a white suit. Then came Magnum PI and loved it!

So fantastic to see your return as Jesse Stone - have seen three of the films so far and love them!

So glad you kept the moustache too.

Keep up the good work and I think you are fantastic!

All the very best,
Maria (UK)

5:02 AM

Blogger Marlene said...

Tom Selleck I have watched every movie your in. Your the reason I watch them. Such a wonderful actor!
Actually I am watching one now have to go....
Best regards, Marlene A. Ryan

P.S. I realize it's been awhile since you blogged...hoping to hear from you yes!

8:57 PM

Blogger Linda said...

Well, tom, it must be nice, no remorse, no regrets, no looking back at anyone left behind. Linda Lee

9:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very happy 65th birthday to you Tom. I'm looking forward to the next Jesse Stone installment. Your're not getting older, you're just getting better


2:24 PM

Blogger manchmal said...

Hey Tom,
I thought this website was HIIIIIlarious and thought you might like to see it. My sister sent it to me with the comment: 'Your moment of Zen':
Mucho Smooches,
Liz, Oona & Masa

11:19 AM

Blogger Tuesday said...

Hi Tom, my name is Tuesday Heritage I'm 31 and you have always been my dream date, lol. Would you like to go on one with me? I'll pay :O) lol xx

4:12 PM

Blogger Lana said...

The moment I read about Robert Parker's death, I thought, "Oh, my gosh, no more Jess Stone/Tom Selleck"! Ever since the first Jesse Stone movie with you in it, I can hear your voice and see you in each of the books. No one better than you to play one of my favorite characters. Keep up the great work.

9:10 PM

Blogger Lana said...

After reading of Robert Parker's death, one of first thoughts were "No more Jesse Stone! Oh, no, what's will Tom do?" Ever since the first movie was made by you in the Jesse Stone series, I hear your voice in the words I read, and see you in the book. You are great, and I appreciate your work.

9:17 PM

Blogger Laughing Hatha Yoga-TEACHER said...

Well it's been what...two years since you've written anything on here... have you given up??? LOL What's happening in your world these days 'old friend'??

12:36 PM

Blogger Dave in New Hope PA said...

Hello Tom!
I realize that you have been busy. Any chance you will post to your blog again? This is awesome, Tom Selleck has a blog! Cool! I like the Jesse Stone movies, and Blue Bloods very much. Keep up the good work! Your loyal fans are very glad to see you back on television!

Dave in New Hope, PA

11:09 AM

Blogger ErinK said...

Hello Tom,
I think I posted under your birthday, so Happy Birthday (a little late or early for this year).
Soooo glad Jesse Stone is returning - do prefer it to Blue Bloods. I am from the Maritimes and all the characters are so 'real.' Love the dog, gotta love the dog in his chair. Thank you for doing another Jesse Stone show. Loved the Magnum PI series.
Toronto ON April 2012

12:07 PM

Blogger Armin Emily said...

Hi Mr. Selleck,

Over the years I have really enjoyed watching your TV show Magnum P.I. My wife and I have the first six seasons and we have made Friday nights to watch an episode after we put our son to bed. We mailed you a Christmas picture of our family but it was returned as NMR, No Mail Receptacle. The address I used was 1761 W. Potrero Rd., is there a better address to use?


7:34 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I don't know whether to be intrigued or scared. First I get an email about an update to Tom Sellecks blog - a blog which I haven't visited in 2-3 years and didn't even realize that I was signed up for updates to. Then I turned on the TV and a Magnum PI marathon was running. I haven't seen an episode of that in years either. If this is truely a blog by Tom Selleck it should please you to know that I think you've evolved from a likable guy with some acting ability to a really great actor. I just wish you would have done more westerns.

4:47 AM

Blogger peggy201297 said...

Unknown I agree, westerns are the best when it comes to Tom. Just seems to fit nicely. Gun in hand and Stetson on his head. Shoot em up and a rough beard works for me as well.

5:57 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

I want Tom to know that a dear friend of mine, who now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, clings to one memory that is still sharp: Tom Selleck in "Quigly Down Under". When she has trouble remembering day to day minutia of life, she will put her makeup on, don her favorite earrings, bring her favorite movie into view and spend what time she conceives as all life watching Tom Selleck, her dream man, in her dream role, as The Man. She says of the computer, "Said I never had much use for one, never said I didn't know how to use one."
Thank You Tom, for enriching what life my friend has left.

2:39 AM

Blogger 'Koot' said...

I hope this is a blog of THE REAL Tom Selleck.
You may never see this...but if you ever get wind of it, great !
Over the years I've watched you on TV and in the movies.
I have never been able to find an email address for you, until now.
I thought and still think you would be the perfect choice as Mandrake the Magician.
There is probably no script, etc, considered at this time.
I understand that making a movie takes a lot of resources and personal energy.
This is my attempt to let you know that I see Mandrake lurking in the darkroom of your talents.
Kyody Joe

2:14 PM

Blogger 'Koot' said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:15 PM


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