Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I was just on the Ellen show.
She's a really funny lady. It was real great fun to see all those old clips of myself.

How do you think the goatee is working out for me?

I've been pretty busy, though!
Surprise, surprise.
You're as young as you feel.

I also must say that Wendy Malick is a charming, beautiful woman.


Blogger Patsy Koneski said...

Hi Tom,
You look great, simply the best.
No one thinks your 60,you look so good.
I just wanted to let you know that i watched Magnum P.I. from the begining to the end but i missed the series finale due to a sudden family emergency, i will have to wait for the dvd .
I am enjoying your first season dvd .
I wish you the very best .

5:58 PM

Blogger Emberly said...

I think the goatee is hot. Of course, you are one of those men who could have a full grown beard or shave it all off, and you still look hot. :)

5:31 PM

Blogger Herge Smith said...

So did you try 'hitting' on her man?

4:41 PM

Blogger Bonnie said...

A Star Too Visit

Shattered and shaken, I ran from the suffering of my everyday existence...
Strong winds repress my face, the sounds of the trees swaying mightily.
The darkened sky covered my blackened mood now clandestine in the days and nights.

Then I discovered - I observed your movements, I studied your manner.
In you I saw, what I wanted to forget - in him.
Only in your acting could I face the everyday.
A brand new fan, immeddiately born. Even decades old, became new. I developed a curious interest and discovered a path.

Kind hearted P.I., towering man of great fame; you have not been ungrounded. As you look about your collective people and give us your Selleck smile.
To our world you have given - heart and pride your immense talents, we have gladly taken - we thank you, but I ask... give but just a little more.
As your shinning light begins to fade - I implore you, stay within our view.
Selfish as these words are seen, the legacy goes on, belonging not only for us and now.
But...lives within the futures path of infinite children yet to come.

My struggles will fade and the sun will shine, entrusting a rainbow just for me.
time marked, extremely well all paths taken to ease my sorrowing days.
The words I read, such kind and pleasant introspection.
The people I encountered, who had but one and the same dreams of escape.
The devotion of fans to keep your honor alive. No manner of man could mean much more.

9:38 AM

Blogger PJ said...

Hi Tom,The goatee is great, but I like just your mostache. You are a very sexy man, and one thats so pleasing to the eyes.(I am 50 and I don't look my age either.)But somehow I'm sure your'll always look good in whatever you decide to appear in. Hoping someday---Pam

9:49 PM

Blogger PJ said...

Hi Tom, Boy you look good in anything. I have never seen you look bad. You sure don't look 60. You're so sexy. Gotta Go,see you later PJ

9:53 PM

Blogger Toto said...

Hello Tom,

Yes, I agree with others that your goatee is great, and you look hot regardless of your facial hair style. However, the 'stache is always my favorite. Have you ever tried a thinner 'stache? I also think it's great when you continue to surprise us with different looks-beard, goatee, no moustache. I wish I could see clips from your appearance on Conan O'Brien when you shaved it in half. Unfortunately, I missed the show and cannot find any images from that episode.

I must add, too, that I think you are a really good actor. Your good looks are just the icing on the cake!

1:36 AM

Blogger pavlos said...

Hi !

I am a 22 year old belgium fan (of Magnum PI;))
I just bought the first season on DVD a few weeks ago and can't wait for the second season!!

Hope there is going to be a magnum movie one day :( (or it's under way? :s)

Good luck for whatever ou do :)

Paul, Belgium

4:04 PM

Blogger Tombstone the Undertaker said...

Mr. Selleck,
I use the Mr. out of respect for your tallent and ability as one of the finest actors today Western or other work too.

I have noticed your ability to portray the Old West the way it really was, not the way the "B" Westerns portrayed it. Along with your friend Sam Elliot in the Sackett's you both have just gotten better the more Westerns you make.

I belong to a living history group the Old West Society of Minnesota, which considers you and your work very authentic and true to the times as well as very entertaining.

I have an idea for a screen play based on a research book you might like to pursue. If you would have any interest please feel free to contact me at the blog or ows.tombstone@juno.com

Since I am not a writer but a re-enactor and historian, writing the screen play would not be my place, I am sure there are screen writers you know, that are up to the task. But if you would care to hear the idea contact me. I figured I have nothing to lose by asking.


1:19 PM

Blogger Julie Parker said...

Hi there Tom,
Let me first say, you are by far the best looking man I've ever seen and the goatee just takes my breath away. I've got my own personal 'Tommy Poo' video collection{do I sound borderline stalker/pshyco yet? ;o}`}Recently, a former, fellow employee, Allen, said he finally got that S.O.B.{sadly, he meant you} to send back the signed pic he requested for me 3 yrs. ago! First off, I was shocked he remembered how much praise I always gave you {although he might replace the word praise for lust!}and second, when I saw the picture well, let me just say..... OH MY LORD!You are soooo gorgeous, everyone tells me I better get that photo laminated!!! Thanx, very much and let me finish by saying you definitely get better looking with each passing day!
Love ya,
Julie Parker
Vancouver, Wash.

10:10 PM


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