Wednesday, February 02, 2005

To everyone that has sent me birthday greetings, thank you!

Well, I am sixty. We had a little bit of cake to celebrate and then they pulled out a retrospective of Mr. Tom Selleck's life! It was very touching. I am glad Magnum PI had the impact that it did on people and I am very grateful that I am able to do what I have been doing.

Although it is very rare, one of you did not believe it is actually me. I'm not sure why anyone would fake being Tom Selleck, honestly. I am just a sixty year old guy, trying to make it in this world. I like this blog thing because it reminds me of that and keeps me feeling down to earth (not that I have ever felt anything but). So yes, it really is me. And yes, I do try to respond to each and every one of you because I do appreciate all my fans mean to me!

Take care,


Blogger Emberly said...

Happy Birthday! I know it's late, but I didn't know about the site until now.

8:32 AM

Blogger Fart_sniffer said...


I saw you on Conan last night. I know what you mean about the slit in men's underwear and was glad to hear you found some good ones but forgot what brand they were when I woke up this morning. What was your recommendation again?


2:51 PM

Blogger matthew_e_hobbs said...

Mr. Selleck,

Happy Birthday. I'd like to thank you for all of the westerns you've done on TV and the screen. Is there anything in the works for "The Cowboy and the Cossack?" I read the book atleast once a year. Not that it matters much, but you're right for it.


11:22 PM

Blogger Jan said...

Hey Tom

Have you heard anything about the new Magnum PI movie that’s coming out?

There is so much speculation in it that I am wondering if its going to be very cool like the TV show, or if its going to be dumbed down like the ‘Starsky & Hutch’ movie that bombed last year.

Great to see you back.


7:24 AM

Blogger Bonnie said...

I know Tom Selleck said it was rare that one didn't believe this sight is really from him. It's March 10, 2005 and I will read this sight for a little while as I want for any response to my email. Has anyone gotten a reply to their email? I really can't believe it. Anyway it got me a blog.

9:13 PM

Blogger Bonnie said...

Ok I keep trying to post. I guess I haven't figure out the system yet or I've got a lot of to
tom from bonnie posts. It's 030905 and I want to know if this is really Tom Sellecks sight. I read somewhere he was dating the lawyer in his move Stone Cold this Tom is saying he's still with Jilly Joan Mack. Wish there was a way to tell if this is really Tom Selleck.

9:23 PM

Blogger Emberly said...

This is Tom's blog. I've sent him an e-mail, and he did respond to it. Also, he is still married. :)

8:11 PM

Blogger Bonnie said...

I ran across a sight for tennis. Is Tom Selleck into every sport?
Haven't seen him interested in golf yet, but if you do Tom, could you post all the information you find,on a sight so I won't have to stand out on the golf courses this Spring gathering data for my next book. Since you seem to know all the good sights. Where are the golf info ones? I don't want to play the sport,I just want to write about it.

11:18 PM

Blogger Max Babylon said...

Hi Mr. Tom Selleck.

I'm an Italian 33 years old boy/man (i don't remember about that... ehehhehe).

First, I'm sorry for my terrible english... I'm apologised for that.

Second, I'm disbelieving about if you are really you, the real and only one Mr. Tom Selleck.

I don't want to write to a wrong person... hehehehe. It should be terrible!

Is very strange who a "Very Important Person" like you, are here... connected to the world in a simple way... achivaible also by me...!

Well, although the language difficult (for me, off course), I really hope to keep in touch with you and if is possible I would like to Mail directly with you.
I give you my Email:

I'm not a nudge !!!

Best Regards

3:36 PM

Blogger Ted said...

Hi Tom,

A late happy 60th birthday from a long time fan! I cant believe you're 60, you still look great!
I've been a fan since the early 80's and had a real crush on you.

Lve to read more of your blog,


4:18 PM

Blogger Bonnie said...

Well Magnum fans, I just read George Clooney has been cast as Thomas Magnum and LL Cool J has been cast as TC Calvin. Well isn't that sad.

10:54 PM

Blogger Wirthy said...

Hi Tom, this is actually MacGyver (you may know me as Richard Dean Anderson). Anyway, just thought I'd say hi.

11:24 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:46 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

This blog is so full of shit!! I think Tom has better things to do with his time, than to post a blog. Oh!! His favorite movie is one he was in?? It's not like it was an Oscar Winner. C'mon, how full of shit is that?? I would think that Tom has enough theatrical knowledge to enjoy a movie that has some type of intellect, and major production involved. He likes moustaches?? Uh huh?? Ok... Out of all the things he could be into, he's into moustaches. WHATEVER!! By the way, Americans don't right mustache like that. I can't believe how many stupid people there are in this world to fall for this crap.

1:58 PM

Blogger Emberly said...

You know what? If you don't have anything better to do than to slam this blog, don't even visit the site. Have you ever thought that maybe he was joking around in his profile? Maybe that he wasn't taking himself seriously... So, don't go there. And before you start calling people stupid, think about all the people you are insulting.

4:16 PM

Blogger Bonnie said...


7:05 PM

Blogger Emberly said...

Thank you, Bonnie, for proving my point. Maybe it isn't him, (I have a good feeling it is), but that doesn't mean you need to disrespect him, and all of the other people who see this site, and read what he has to say. Yes, this is a good way to keep up with what he's doing now, and I'm glad he had decided to share his life through this blog. :) :)

4:35 PM

Blogger Patsy Koneski said...

Hi Tom ,
Happy belated birthday
If i knew about your blogger i would have told you sooner !
You look great for your age , your real handsome .
Best Wishes
Patsy Koneski

3:53 PM

Blogger wesleydean said...

hey tom whats happening?havent seen u around much. However ive came up with your return to television. I know it sounds crazy, buts its a spin off from magnum p.i.. Im not sure about the rights but whoever owns them would gladly partake in this. See u play magnum , yet again and obviously older, and have a son you sent away to college to be a lawyer.(since you made good money as a p.i. of course). You want the best for your son and he is now in grad school. Meanwhile he doesnt want to be a lawyer he wants to be like his ole man, thats right a private investigator. He also sold the nice little audi you bought him for a older musle car in which he hot rods to around finding leads all behind your back until a few episodes in to it you find out. It should be written much like the original but with alot more twists that I have but if your not interested I wont bore you. Anyways I think it would be a great show. Plus one hell of a retun for you. Well this is getting long. Think about it.

7:10 PM

Blogger Antonio said...

Am I late? :D


12:55 PM

Blogger Diva40 said...

Tom if this really is you then you will recall the story that follows:

I have a good friend who lives in England who thinks that Tom Selleck is the sexiest man alive. So, here I am sitting downstairs at Universal Studios Terrace and who comes out of the elevator... yep, Tom Selleck... OMG he caught the look on my face and then all of a sudden he starts walking over to me and then shakes my hand. I tired to maintain somewhat of a composure but I guess my expression blew that out the water. So I ask him for his autograph if he has time, he says sure but he is going to a meeting. So, as murphy's law would have it I dont have a pen or paper and neither does he. That was the end of it or so I thought. I go back to work but then decide to get pen and paper from security.... yep that didn't work either, so as I get into the elevator he gets in also. By this time I have secured a pen but no paper, I look at him and I tell him I have a pen now...... does he at least have a piece of paper... No such luck. I explain to him that my friend is going to be so upset when she finds out that I was within inches of her sexiest man and murphy's law took over. He laughed and said maybe we will run into each other again and have a pen and paper. Too bad soooo sad for my friend. Oh well, he is only 6 floors below so maybe I made an impression on him and he'll come up and give me his autograph after all or am I just hoping for a miracle for my friend... LOL. Well I did see him again a couple of days later but decided against making a further fool of myself.

Tom if you do read this blog, thanks for being such a gentleman and even though the authograph was for my friend, I was truly a pleasure to meet you and shake your hand.

1:24 PM

Blogger Philip Montarsi said...


First off, keep up the great effort on making REAL westerns. I predict that someday, you will surpass John Wayne as America's Cowboy! I particularly appreciate the fact that you strive to have period-correct gear and the settings are pretty good too! I re watch your movies to look for
errors, and find very very few.

I have several hobbies that center around my love for the old west--gun engraving, horseback riding
and gun collecting to name a few. But I would really like to write a script (or book) that could be the basis for a Tom Selleck movie. I read somewhere that you'd like to make a movie where you play a gunman. I wouldn't mind getting a little more detail on the general direction you'd like to take this theme.


3:56 PM

Blogger shirlgirl said...

Tom, I would like an address if possible for my sister-in-law to write to you. She doesn't have a computer and she used to write to you and you sent responses back to her. I hope you get more parts in movies and TV Series again. We enjoy watching your movies etc.
How would one get a signed picture of you?
Happy late birthday.
Shirley P

3:03 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

Hi Tom,
I just had to tell you that I enjoyed watching you on Boston Legal. It was a fabulous performance, and it's a great show. I hope you got my thank you card. Nicole

3:48 PM

Blogger cuthbertson said...

IF this is real... and I highly doubt it is really TWS! PLEASE tell me the the story of SYDNEY EPSTEIN? From your NUMBER ONE FAN!!!

10:53 PM

Blogger cuthbertson said...

OKAY--- I'll pretend this is real too! But just in case-- only the real TOM SELLECK can tell me-" Who is Sydney Epstien?"

8:10 PM

Blogger SMM said...

Tom - One night (a long, long time ago), I was watching tv in our den. My father walked in, laughed extremely hard and said, "I can't believe it. That's little Tommy Selleck!" Evidently, our fathers were in commercial real estate together in LA. "Magnum PI" officially ended our 'no tv on school nights' rule. Couldn't you have started sooner? I was about to graduate high school by then! I also made my career in television... television news. I started in a very small West Texas market and when little Jessica McClure fell in that well in 1988... the only syndicated show we had on the shelf was, of course, "Magnum PI". Every time my anchors started sounding really stupid, I racked up one of your shows and everyone took a quick nap. For 58 hours, I watched you solve crimes, the anchors talk about whether they smeared strawberry or grape jelly on the poor little girl to help get her free (I told them about it in their ifb's... but I meant petroleum flavored) and pondered how many men were born without collar bones. For 58 hours we were literally transported into a time zone no person was ever meant to visit - sorry wrong show. Anyway... made it to the big time tv exec job (me... hahahaha) and then ditched it all for marriage, four kids and a bunch of great dogs. At that point, I decided that I just had to leave tv. Unfortunately, no one tells you that you can retire... but you just can't ever retire from "Magnum PI"! First, it was my quality time with my dad. Then it was my first economics lesson. Did you know that running one show cost more than my Louis Vuitton luggage? I was one stunned little 20 year old trying to decide if I should laugh that it cost the station that much each time I ran it or if I should cry because the g.m. was yelling so loudly about it! Finally, my kids are finally old enough to leave that really low budget purple, out of tune dinosaur behind and who do they discover? "MAGNUM PI"!!!!!! I kid you not. My three boys (9, 11 and 13), my very feminine daughter (10) and my husband (I don't know who he'll watch when Andy Rooney and Imus die) have discovered you, Ferrarris, Hawaii, Rick, TC, Higgins... oh, and everyone else. I eat dinner by myself every night. I've given up. They just changed the air time to the afternoon... so I went ahead and programmed the DVR. I told them that I love them (and your work) but Magnum has just been too large a part of my life. What I am really anticipating is our upcoming trip to Hawaii. We have to go there for a meeting and my husband has convinced my younger children that we'll have lunch at Rick's club with you and TC will give us a tour of the islands. My 9 year old son, Win, wants a ride in the Ferrarri, however. I have been giving him driving lessons in my Porsche so that he'll be prepared to help you out of any sticky situations! I am hoping that those little after-school lessons will shut my husband up. Oh, what does he care? It's my car! Seriously, it's great to see that you have done so well with your career. My family (and I) really enjoy your movie series. Those are the nights that dinner really has to be edible... as I join them to watch you once again. I don't know if you (or one of your many minions) can email me, but my children would each love an autographed photo of you. They simply can't share... I have given into it.
Great chatting with you. So sorry to hear about your father. I'm sure he was extremely proud of you. My father sure was... and still is!

12:52 PM

Blogger SocalNativ said...

I have my doubts about this being Tom Selleck's blog. I found it while trying to answer a movie triv question. For one thing, it would be unusual for Tom to say his favorite movie was one of his own...............
Tom and I have crossed paths a number of times....first while modeling in LA (Sorry, I was told all the guy models were gay...What did I know -I was 18), then again in the clothing business-(owner of the store, "D.R"), and then in Hawaii working out at the OCC.
For all you fans, I know him to be just as nice as you have heard, a regular guy, great sense of humor and great family values. FYI, his entire family is tall and good looking and he is the short brother! (I also ran into Dan a couple of times during college).

1:46 PM

Blogger Robin Masters said...

Mr.Selleck I realize you are an extremely busy man.I can noy began to tell you what a fan Iam of your t.v. and movie roles.Is it possible to get a autographed picture? I would like to get a autograph micture from Larry mannetti,Roger E mosley and John hillerman,but I don't know how to reach them.If this reaches you and you can give me a picture my e-mail is (Iknow weird e-mail actually there is a story behind it)and I can give you my snail mail address. thanks

9:16 AM

Blogger Emma Powney said...

I just bought magnum pi season 4 as it has just been released here in Australia. I think u are an amazing actor and love seeing u on tv especially on Boston Legal.
I think i am your number 1 fan.
Im 25 but i think your hot!
All my friends think im insane!
Emma Powney
Would it be possible to have your autograph.....
My Mum has a photo of u at work and people ask her if its her husband...hahahhaha she just nods and says "yes"

5:46 PM

Blogger GLF said...

Speaking of Tom Selleck, is that his voince on the "Go RVing" commercials? Sure sounds like it.

7:19 AM

Blogger GLF said...

Speaking of Tom Selleck, is that his voice on the "Go RVing" commercials?
Sure sounds like it.

7:21 AM

Blogger Mom & Eric said...

Dear Tom,

My mother really loves you and especially (of course) your Magnum, P.I. character! She and I watched all your original airs as well as all the reruns. During the early 90s, when I was taking care of her after a heart attack and working part time, I recorded ALL of your 162 episodes! Then, of course, on a VCR. I actually recorded a lot more during those years, and your shows ended up being combined on my 8-hour tapes with Rockford Files reruns!!! Anyhow, the reason I'm writing you now is very interesting--I just read a July 2001 issue of the magazine, "Good Old Days", and there was an article on pp. 22-23 entitled "The Avocado Ranch" written by Donna Wiley Carpenter. This article detailed life on a California avocado farm in approximately 1931. The farm is described as being in San Diego County. Workers there also worked at South California Edison Co. This avocado ranch is also said to be about 104 miles from Eagle Rock, a suburb of Los Angeles. We thought you might be interested in this info. in case this was actually YOUR ranch back in the 1930s!!! We've heard you talk about your avocado endeavors on talk shows and stuff. If we are close to being on target, we hope you will search out this neat, old-fashioned magazine with nostalgic articles to find this issue with this avocado article so you can enjoy it, especially if it is describing either your ranch or one nearby! Please email me at "" if you found this blog entry to be especially interesting! My Mom says thank you for all your wonderful shows, from Magnum to your movies, etc. She has a file titled "My Men", and of course you're in there, along with Tiger Woods, James Garner, Ricky Martin, Clark Gable and Rock Hudson. We've also enjoyed your recent western movies, but wish you would "go retro" a little and do something more along the lines of your Magnum, P.I. character!!! Don't let the good old days die! Best wishes from 2 of your greatest fans, Mom & Eric.

7:11 PM

Blogger Tamsin said...

Hi Tom

You were my idol growing up in a little seaside town in South Africa in the 80's. We had limited programs back then so when Magnum came on at 8pm on a Friday night the town came to a stand still. Our whole family would never miss an episode. I wanted to marry you back then, but I guess that I'm a little late...and in 1985 I was only 10!

Lots of love

8:22 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

Wow, Hi Mr.Tom Sellec :O)
I was wondering if I could get a photo of you signed to surprise my mother in law for her 65th birthday?
You are her 1st pick when we women have that wonderful conversation
on who we would pick for a hunky actor. Her name is Grace.

6:22 PM

Blogger mona said...

It is so nice to get to talk to you....I love all your movies,Magnum PI and even Boston Legal... Monte Walsh was probably my favorite. My Dad loves westerns , so I try to watch them with him as he is almost 80. We both say " You are the next John Wayne " no one has ever came as close to being him as you have. We think you are the best western movie actor, among all of your other acting roles... Good Luck
Tom, we love you in all that you do !!!
Mona Dodson

11:48 AM

Blogger mona said...

It is so nice to get to talk to you....I love all your movies,Magnum PI and even Boston Legal... Monte Walsh was probably my favorite. My Dad loves westerns , so I try to watch them with him as he is almost 80. We both say " You are the next John Wayne " no one has ever came as close to being him as you have. We think you are the best western movie actor, among all of your other acting roles... Good Luck
Tom, we love you in all that you do !!!
Mona Dodson

11:50 AM

Blogger Colleen1970 said...

June 22, 2007 Wanted to make sure you are still answering blogs?
Are you planning any more TV shows that are the series of the sheriff in the small town, where you drink alot, your attorney girlfriends dies, and you are still talking to your ex-wife who still calls you on the phone????

10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all us Tom Selleck fans who have been waiting for the demise of the number 1 hated loud mouth,ignorant,lesbian rosie odonnel for her tirade on Tom,the N.R.A. and all the honest,law abiding citizens who own guns and have kids.She said that anyone who has a gun in the house and kids,that the parents should be put in jail.And anyone who lets their kids play war,should have the state take them into protective custody.REMEMBER THAT?She posted a picture of her 7 y/o daughter in cammies and a simulated M-60 machinegun belt of ammo around her neck.Check it out on her blog or on the!!!!!!!!Give her hell Tom and Tom fans!!!!

4:02 PM

Blogger Darlene White said...

Happy Birthday (late)!
Wanted to tell you that I am proud to be a comrade of yours loving Cowboy Action Shooting. My husband and I are involved in the sport here in Maryland. We are also both members of the NRA. We have had the pleasure of speaking to Mike Venturino and he speaks very highly of you. All of his glowing remarks are very typical of who you are!
Wanted to also let you know of a movie being filmed in Maryland--The One-Eyed Horse. They have asked some folks who belong to SASS to be extras. Why don't you join my hubby and I!! Unfortunately there is no pay for us but it will be fun--we are just extras/background folks. I bet they could find a real spot for you! My husband and I would be willing to have you stay at our home and even shoot a match or two while you are here! Just a thought!

Just wanted to say that your movies, Crossfire Trail and Quigley Down Under are our favorites.

Again, Happy Birthday Tom.

Darlene White

12:37 PM

Blogger Susan said...

Does anyone know how to reach Tom Sellect's publicist or agent?
contact me at
Sue Bulanda

12:08 PM

Blogger Susan said...

Does anyone have contact information for Tom's publicist or agent? please send it to
Sue Bulanda

12:10 PM

Blogger sherry said...

Hi Tom,
well i do feel honored that I am able to write you. I try to watch everything you are in. I do have a very big admiration for you. I fell in love woth you the very first time i saw you and that was on the dating game. Gee, i hope you had a happy birthday. i loved you in magnun p.i. and love you more in jesse stone. my one wish is to meet you in person one day. so glad to se you back.

12:58 PM

Blogger Enrique said...

hi Tom
you are sixty and you look absolutly awesome, and your moustache looks great!
I was only 7 when I saw magnum and since them Ive been a big fan!

8:42 AM

Blogger Nick said...

Monday, September 10, 2007
I really like magnum pi

hi mr selleck my name is nick i am 9 years old and i really like magnum i watchit every day at 7 and i like the ferrari. my dad likes magnum to he is letting me write this to you he is a private investigator to in new york were we live.I wish you can be in the new magnum movie with rick and tc i wanted to watched you on jessy stone but dad said it was to grown up for me. you make me laugh all the time.

6:58 PM

Blogger Sherba said...

You continue to be one of the best. Best wishes for you and your family!

3:21 PM

Blogger Mack20 said...

Hi Tom,

You play a terrific cowboy. Before you hang up your spurs, there is one character you would be a perfect fit playing in a remake: Will Penny. Only please tweak the ending so Will ends up staying with Mrs. Allen.

4:21 PM

Blogger gmonsen said...


Belated happy birthday. Have enjoyed your work through your career, having been born in '48. My wife and I just watched Quigley again and found your blog googling a question.

Both of us really appreciate your western work and thought your interplay with Harmon was great fun. While you may do quite different things in the future, you've redefined and rekindled the western hero for a new generation of children while providing great drama entertainment for older audiences.

Enjoy your sixties.


10:48 PM

Blogger Steve said...

Can a 67 year old STRAIGHT man be a big fan? Well, I am...along with my wife. Your Jesse Stone series of made for TV movies are the absolute best. What an awesome job you do in that part. Nice to have a TV movie without unbelievable special effects, using
G-Rated language, etc. Please keep them coming.

Kathy and Steve

4:24 PM

Blogger Dee said...

hi Tom
i live in England and have been a fan for many years.
i loved Magnum PI, and had all the episodes on video back in the day.
Quigley was amazing, as was three man and a baby/little lady.

keep up the wonderful work and i hope to see you in something new very soon.

Dee xxx

5:47 AM

Blogger Jeff said...

Mr. Selleck,
Hi, I'm a fan grew up watching Magnum P.I. I'm also an NRA life member. I saw a recent interview with you and you mentioned gunsite. The firearm you mentioned in the interview I would like to duplicate and consider it my Vegas Side Arm. I don't know of any such firearm for purchase with your personal touch so I thought I would create it as well as ask for permission. I don't want to market an item only have a firearm that is a one of a kind. I can only hope you understand what that means to a fellow NRA member and fan of yours to own such an item. Thank-you for your time. Jeff

7:08 PM

Blogger Clam cop said...


I have enjoyed your work for many years in your various rolls. Thank you for your efforts on screen and for the work you do with the NRA as well.

I understand the differences between a film and reality; however you have brought a lot of your own ideas concerning Chief Jesse Stone” while playing the part. Having read the book and seen your work, I must say I do enjoy the differences and what you bring.

I simply have one question: What’s with the “badge in the drawer”? I as a Chief of Police of a small agency and retired from a much larger agency am at a loss to understand what that is all about. In reality, it would not be understood and would be a legal issue as well!

Keep up the good work! If you ever get up Washington State way, I’ll make you a special deputy!


12:58 PM

Blogger Clam cop said...


I have enjoyed your work for many years in your various rolls. Thank you for your efforts on screen and for the work you do with the NRA as well.

I understand the differences between a film and reality; however you have brought a lot of your own ideas concerning Chief Jesse Stone” while playing the part. Having read the book and seen your work, I must say I do enjoy the differences and what you bring.

I simply have one question: What’s with the “badge in the drawer” thing? As a Chief of Police of a small agency and retired from a much larger agency, I am at a loss to understand what that is all about. In reality, it would not be understood and would be a legal issue as well!

Keep up the good work! If you ever get up my way, I’ll make you a special deputy!

Kevin in Washington State

1:02 PM

Blogger westiegirl60 said...

Hi Tom,
I just stumbled across this sight and thought i'd add my two cents worth. Well i knew you were a good guy but even better now i have found out your birthday is the same date as mine ha ha. I only really become a big fan of yours when i saw you in your cowboy make such a handsome cowboy. How's the ranch going? I have a couple of nice pics of you hanging in your c'boy hats right next to the duke and my you get a lot of coments. You have lots of cowboy fans here down under.

12:01 AM

Blogger sandi said...

I would like to find out how to get a autographed picture for my mother-in-law for Mother's day. She is SUPER fan!

11:41 AM

Blogger mtnmndan said...

Hi Tom, we played golf many years ago when you lived in Windermere Florida. I now operate a site I would love for you to visit and I know it's right up your alley being the hunter you are. Let me know


10:01 AM

Blogger Ellen said...

I enjoy your Jesse Stone movies - any others on the horizon?


6:24 PM

Blogger Ellen said...

I enjoy your Jesse Stone movies - any more on the horizon?

6:25 PM

Blogger Ellen said...


6:29 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

Dear Tom,

I have adored you since the first time I saw you doing a "Close Up" commercial on TV. I wanted to meet you then. I wrote to your manager and became a member of your fan club for two years. I never missed an episode of Magnum P.I. I loved all of them. I have seen all your movies and have most of them on DVD. You are still very handsome, and have a special sweetness about you that no other actor in my eyes has. I'd love to see you in more movies or your own TV series again. I always wanted to meet you but I was never able to get to Hawaii, and now not to CA. I hope someday soon that I will.

8:47 PM

Blogger Steeleaway said...

Good Day Tom,
I have a close friendship with one of your most ardant and loyal fans who will be turning 80 on February 1st. When we schedule appointments with her, she oftentimes ends the conversation with, "I'll be there if Tom Selleck doesn't call first". Please rest assured that Jane Hawkins is not a creepy stalker who doesn't have a life. She is a wonderful wife and grandmother with a quick wit and scores of friends and professional acquaintences. I am in hopes that you might see it in your heart to bless her with an email, letter, or phone call on her birthday, February 1st. Please let me know through the blog spot if this is a possibility and I will provide contact information for you.
All Best,
Rob Steele

6:43 AM

Blogger AnneMarie said...

Hi Mr. Selleck,
Although I loved Magnum P.I., I really enjoyed your performance in "A Thousand Clowns". I saw the show a few years back in Chicago. It was a totally different side of you.
It would be great to see you in more stage productions, but all of your works are very enjoyable.
Are you still a Tiger's fan?
My favorite Tiger is Polanco.
Who's your Tiger?

5:21 PM

Blogger Bev Librizzi said...

Happy and Healthy Birthday to you Tom Selleck today 1/29/09. I love you and all your movies. I do love you in Magnum, P.I. especially and more recently all the Louie LaMour
westerns you made for TV. PLEASE, PLEASE do more of these westerns you are a natural. Truly one of the last, extremely talented, handsome actors left in Hollywood. You, Sam Elliot, Carradine brothers are wonderful together. God Bless you with all the best.

6:42 AM

Blogger Renee said...

We are watching your new movie Jesse Stone - Thin Ice... and I was telling my son you were voted the sexiest man alive... and we started searching for your information on the web.
The movie is interesting - so catch you later. Glad to see you are a regular guy - enjoying your life.

6:45 PM

Blogger Lynne said...

OK this is like years later but just looking up sites. I am a diehard Selleck fan and am currently watching Las Vegas in the mornings. Didn't used to watch it, only now cuz Tom's on it. Loved the Western Horseman cover and story about you and the dun gelding from the movie. My applause for a much envied long marriage - good for you - I've been married to my Magnum since 1986. Your daughter is gorgeous and glad she's into horses - I've had mine since 1970 - altho showed western - still have 3 - a roper, a reiner and a 1 mo old foal! Continued success and keep up with the hot gorgeous looks!

9:17 PM

Blogger Mosie_bc said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. You are the first and only person I have ever sent a message to through a Blog. I am a 58 year old mom and we have just stumbled onto your Jesse Stone movies. My husband, my son and myself just love them. They are great stories, but you make them. We always enjoyed Magnum PI, and your spots in Friends, but these movies are awesome! You are a great actor who has a unique way of seriousness and calmness in your roles and we enjoy you in any production...please keep making them for awhile! I am pleased to be able to send you a message about how we feel. All the best to you!

11:43 AM

Blogger Linda Recotta said...

Hi Tom,

I just thought I would tell you you're my hero. I've always thought that you're the BEST!!The neat thing for me is that my 34 year old son looks exactly like a younger version of you. He knows that you're my idol. You take care and please keep doing those Jesse Stone movies. I love them.


12:30 AM

Blogger Marlene said...

Tom...I had met you years agao! You were kind enough to sign the only thing I had picture of me fishing. I was on break from work had only 10 min. I had no idea you were in town. I was driving on my way back to work and saw all the action. You were shooting in Riverdale, NJ. at an old style bar by the river. I ran down, ran up to you and asked for your autograph. Your humble reply there are so many people her before you. I don't know if I should. But you did. Although I thanked you. I never had the chance to truly thank-you for making that day so special for me! I have been your fan for many, many years. Your a charming, wonderful man. Who I secretly would of loved to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with. Well regardless, thanks so very much Tom Selleck!!

I am a writer my Book If You Believe In True Love with Music CD

My link:

Tom it is my pleasure to write to you! I am grateful for that day!

Marlene A. Ryan

8:50 PM

Blogger Mary 0112 said...

MY grandmother has adored you for years. She is 88 yrs old, and I would love to get her an autographed photo. How would I go about doing this?
Thank You very much.

1:55 PM

Blogger Brien said...

I too am sixty. I live in the north, isoloted from culture and people but I do have a satellite connection to the Internet. I just found Jessie Stone and was thrilled. Tom, can't you do more?

Brien East
Killarney Ontario

3:48 PM

Blogger Mister Bow Tie said...

Dear Tom,

My girlfriend and I absolutely adore you. I've read about the story behind Magnum P.I. vs Indiana Jones and well, you're one classy guy. Somehow from across the television screen it transpires.

We love you so much, we have made you the inspiration of our bow tie company. It's called MISTER and when you see our logo, you'll understand.

You are dashing in a bow tie and it would be our pleasure to send you one from us. Have a look and let us know which is your favorite. If you are like most people who have seen them, you very well may have trouble deciding!

With great admiration,

Mister Ghadimi & Miss Fisher

11:45 PM

Blogger bill said...

As a horse owner, I wondered how many horses do you have and of what breeds? Also I heard somewhere you collect Winchesters. Is it so? Keep up the good work on the Jesse Stone series and someday would love to discuss horses with you.
From my boys Scout and Herbie!

2:00 PM

Blogger PP said...

Wondering what alias Tom Selleck uses as a SASS member?

5:59 PM

Blogger Louise said...

Merry Christmas to you And your family. My two handicap brothers and I love your movies. They can not hear but they can read lips. Take Care

9:00 PM

Blogger Linda Slanina Reese said...

Mr. Selleck:
Although I have been a long time fan of yours,and have seen a large percentage of what you have done, I never had the opportunity to see Jesse Stone, it seems the nights it was on, I was working and I happened to see Thin Ice tonight and I loved it. It was great seeing you on tv and what I liked about Thin Ice is that you were dealing with two different situations, which made it much more interesting, anyway from Magnum P.I. to date, you have always maintained your quality of work as an actor and you are aging very gracefully, kind of like how Cary Grant aged, and I think he did quite well in that catagory. You look terrific and we all need to see more of you on tv or in the movies. You still have that great star quality after all these years, please keep up the great work. Linda R

8:29 PM

Blogger Joe & Jeanne said...

Tom, My wife and I have been fans since the days of Magnum PI. She reminded me last night about your birthday, but she said you turned 65. Well, I will correct her on that point. She must have been thinking of me because I turned 65 on January 26th!! Maybe I remind her of Tom or Magnum...but more likely I remind her of Jesse Stone - the hardened, no-nonsense veteran who cuts through barriers to get things done. As a federal service retiree with 45 years combined military and civil service, I know what that's like!!
Happy Birthday, and many many more!!

3:23 AM

Blogger andreatds said...

Dear Mr. Selleck,
Happy belated birthday!!!! I was wondering how I could obtain a personal autograph from you for my friend Cindy (She would leave her husband for you). It would make the best birthday present for her EVER!!! Thanks for your time

7:06 AM

Blogger andreatds said...

Dear Mr. Selleck,
Happy belated birthday!!!! Could you tell me how I could obtain from you a personal autograph picture from you for my girlfriend (she would leave her husband for you) It would make the best birthday present for her. Thank you for your time

7:08 AM

Blogger Steve Humphreys said...

Mr. Selleck,
I just finished Quigley again. Must have been about number 50. I think it is your best work. I am a western fan and a part time actor and would love to do a western. I can ride and shoot so if you ever need some one to do either or even get shot, please keep me in mind.
Sincerely, Steve Humphreys

5:24 PM

Blogger frog lady said...

Dear Mr Selleck,
Happy Birthday!
I enjoy "Blue Bloods" very much. You are like good wine, getting better with age.
Frog Lady

8:27 PM

Blogger avon_hanson said...

OK...I've been reading the posts on here and know how great you must feel knowing how popular and loved you are!!!

I have been your #1 for over 30+ years and still am! I sent you a birthday card & letter (which by my calculations you were 66 on 1/29/11) and would like to think that you received it. I never know which address is the best to use.

Right now, it's about 90 minutes until the newest 'Jesse Stone - Innocents Lost' and I am anxiously waiting to see it!! Congratulations on your 1st season of 'Blue Bloods'; I hope for many more!!!

I would love to be able to write to you. Too bad you aren't able to keep up with this regularly..a lot of people think very highly of YOU!!!

To my #1 from your

4:51 PM

Blogger sellecklover said...

I do wish this blog would publish the date...the time doesn't tell us much!! If Tom hasn't been on here since 2008, we're in for a long wait!

5:01 PM

Blogger Diane said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:37 PM

Blogger Diane said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:40 PM

Blogger ks67 said...

Well, I'm new at this and I want to wish you a belated happy birthday as well. Also, I'm just gonna ask. Is there any chance of getting an autographed photo and how would I go about getting it?
Tom, I'm looking to get one for my mother. Our family has enjoyed many of your shows over the years. And we look forward to seeing many more!

6:51 PM

Blogger John C. said...

Dear Mr. Selleck:

I just saw you on Blue Bloods and I would like to know where to get the ties you wore on the show (red, white and black, and Black white and yellow.) Are they Nautica?


10:42 PM

Blogger ErinK said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:50 AM

Blogger ErinK said...

So glad Jesse Stone will return in 2012! I am from the Maritimes and when last down we tried to find the bridge you walk in the show. No luck. Anyhow, we named our second son Thomas and a cat Mr. Magnum, so I guess you have been an influence over the years. We watch Blue Bloods (my husband loves your ties) but we both agree Jesse Stone series is superb. Thank you for returning the character to us. So looking forward to seeing the dog bat his eyes while sitting in his chair. We tried the scotch he drinks in the show but prefer Glenfiddich 15.

11:58 AM

Blogger ebutlergee said...

Just wanted to say that we watched Jesse Stone: On Thin Ice last night. I am a big fan of the late Robert B. Parker and have read the Jesse Stone books...but I believe that this particular episode is the best yet. As far as I am concerned you are a thoughtful,skilled, and consummate you have matured, so has your my opinion, you deserve an Emmy for Thin Ice, as does the show and the supporting cast. Keep it coming!

7:20 AM

Blogger Stevie Lenihan said...

Hi Tom I want to see I am very big fan and I liked you on Magumn PI and your other movies and tv shows. I have a moustast just like yours. I would hope you will reply as I would really love that. I will also like an email address if you have one. Regards Stevie Lenihan.

4:21 AM

Blogger La Petite Gallery said...

I am 79 years old and I want to thank you for the best show on TV.
You are fantastic as Frank and I love the whole family.
Especially the Family dinners, that Americans do not do anymore.
The whole story of family is wonderful.
Thank you for giving me a happy Thursday in Spruce Head, Maine.
Your show may save America.
God Bless you and Cast and Family.

4:04 PM

Blogger La Petite Gallery said...

I am 79 years old and I want to thank you for the best show on TV.
You are fantastic as Frank and I love the whole family.
Especially the Family dinners, that Americans do not do anymore.
The whole story of family is wonderful.
Thank you for giving me a happy Thursday in Spruce Head, Maine.
Your show may save America.
God Bless you and Cast and Family.

4:04 PM

Blogger frog lady said...

Dear Tom, I have been a fan of your since I saw you do a "uie" with Mr Masters car for the first ad for Magnum P.I. I have posters of your vollyball olympic play and most all of your movies. Have copies of all your westerns,Jessie Stone series, and all your movies. It is in my bucket-list to see you in person before I die. I am an 88yr woman,married with 2 children. I was very happy to know that you married Jillie and have a daughter. Your shows have been good, clean, not too violent. Blue Bloods shows very good family values, table manners and moral values at work. I hope you never have to retire. You will be a hard act to follow.
May God bless you & your family,

2:53 PM


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