Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi, all.
I just want to say thank you for the continuing support. I'm glad to be back in everyone's living room.

I guess what they say about us old dinosaurs is true... we just can't keep up with the new technologies.

Thank you again for your support.
And thanks for the birthday wishes! The years just keep getting away from us.
Love always,


Blogger Rebecca said...

'Uncle Tom'! Wow, you couldn't sleep either, I guess! (Ha!) I left you a comment earlier, so just had to say I'm happy to see you writing on your blog again. =) It gives you something to do when you can't sleep, and gives me (us) something to read! It's a win-win for all! (Ha!)

Are you living in Southern Cali or in Maine, or both? Perhaps you need to make a visit to Sacramento, soon? =) IF so, look me up...I'll show you around. (Ha!)

Hope all is well with you and your family. You look great as ever, and you're not a dinosaur! =)

~Rebecca (aka 'Becky')

5:34 AM

Blogger JulieL said...

Bonjour Tom,

I have just found your blog!!!
Quelle belle surprise!

I am 29, I am a French fan and I am so glad you're back!

Please, in one of your next posts, could you give us your email address and your postal address.

I can tell you that you aren't a dinosaur!!!

Kisses from France


5:01 AM

Blogger AudreyLea said...


I just found this and I wanted to say that I'm glad to see you. I always try to watch whenever you're on the tube.

I have a question: Sometime in the late 80's I met you. I was on a lunch break from work and you were filming a movie in Long Beach at the carousel at the marina. You had on a letter jacket and came over to talk to me. You mentioned that you had hurt your arm. Anyway, I tried to watch for the movie, but I never could find it. What happened?

I had been a fan for years and was so thrilled that you actually came over to talk to me that I'm sure I appeared to be a total idiot.

Fellow dinosaur and fan,

9:17 PM

Blogger jcrique said...

I was very disappointed to hear Las Vegas was cancelled...the damn writers strike.
I liked you in the show, I thought you added a unique quality.

What are you up to now?

10:06 AM

Blogger Candace said...

Hi Tom,

Looking forward to the next installment of Jesse. You always manage to infuse a sense of inner life into your work. Keep it up!

Fan from your first commercial,


9:05 PM

Blogger Candace said...

Hi Tom,

Looking forward to the next installment of Jesse. You always manage to bring an inner sense of life 'as is' into your work.

What is so appreciative is that you do by example and not only by talking.

Fan from your first commercial!


9:06 PM

Blogger HarrySweeney said...

I'm a big fan of yours and I love all your Jesse Stone movies but I wish you would make one more western!!
You are just like John Wayne, know one sit's in a saddle like you. I have been trying so hard to try to get touch with you about doing one more western before you can't get in the saddle again. I'm 61 years old and I'm no young lad either but I still got a young heart.
My nane id Harry Sweeney and my e-mail address is ginjoyrome@juno.com. After my dog,wife,myself. I retired from the military and enjoying my retirement. I have a cabin in the mountains of West Virgina and if you ever want to get away from the rest of the would you are always welcome. I hope you think about doing another western. I take my hat off to you and hope you the best what ever you do.


12:44 PM

Blogger HarrySweeney said...

I'm not computer smart but just open an account in goggle hope my comment got to you to see what I said. Maybe i'll have to try again. I know you are a busy person to listen to me rattle on. Good luck what ever you do.


1:07 PM

Blogger admin said...

I wasn't going to comment at first, but then I saw this post with 0 comments and decided to take it. If you are really Tom Selleck then why don't you have any pictures up?
For the record I loved you in friends and was very surprised how much I liked Magnum PI, because I saw Hawaii 5-0 and I didn't like it at all. (I thought it might be a generation thing.)

11:30 AM

Blogger mery 71 said...

Hi Tom!Yesterday i watch it;Ike;You part in this film are brilliant and unforgettable!Congratulation!This part is so different than another.Are you perform it difficult?...No way,you are at great actor,amazing man and most sexiest ;old dinosaur; in the world! With all my love-Mery from Bulgaria P.S.excuse me for my bad English

9:16 AM

Blogger mery 71 said...

Hi Tom!Yesterday i watch it;Ike;You part in this film are brilliant and unforgettable!Congratulation!This part are so different than another,are you perform it difficult?...No way,you are great actor,amazing man and most sexiest;old dinosaur; in the world!With all my love-Mery from Bulgaria P.S.excuse me for my bad English

8:57 AM

Blogger mery71 said...

Hi Tom!Yesterday i watch it;Ike;You part in this film are brilliant and unforgettable!Congratulations!This part are so different than another,are you perform it difficult?...No way,you are great actor,amazing man and most sexiest;old dinosaur; in the world! With all my love-Mery from Bulgaria P.S.excuse me for my bad English

9:40 AM

Blogger mery71 said...

Hi Tom!I watched "Ike"You part in this film are brilliant and unforgettable!Congratulations!This part is so different than another,are you perform it difficult?...No way,you are great actor,amazing man and most sexiest"old dinosaur"in the world!With all my love-Mery from Bulgaria P.S.excuse me for my bad English

10:23 AM

Blogger mery71 said...

Hi,Tom!I try to send my first comment may be 10 thimes,but nothing going on\I guess\I just want to wish you good luck!kisses from Bulgaria

7:55 AM

Blogger goodlife53 said...

Hi Tom,
Was pleasantly surprised to see your newest comments on your blog. I do not check that often, last time maybe a year ago. Funny about birthdays....they bring joy, retrospection and blog notes.

Looking forward to a new Jesse Stone....your portrayal expresses so well the vulnerabilities of the character ....there is not a hesitation of belief that you are him. Bravo!
Take care and talk to you same time next year.
PS Happy Belated Birthday

12:28 AM

Blogger mery71 said...

Hi ,Tom/if you read this/...Today is my Birthday/Happy Birthday to me/...Well,I am 37 and I feel at little confuesed-inside in my heart I feel like a 17,but this is funny,cause my son almost 17..Life is cruel funny,but i LOVE him...

1:58 AM

Blogger Teddymorsicchio said...

Maybe my wish is too big to be realized.. I'm a 23 years old girl who lives in Italy..I don't know if you are the original, fantastic and handsome- I'm crazy for you!- Tom, but if you are, there is a way tho write to you? I have a blog..if you want to make a visit.. You are fantastic and I know also that you are a generous person, so twice fantastic!Patty

5:57 AM

Blogger David Brown said...

Sad to see Vegas cancelled. We were getting used to seeing you on the tube again.

Hope you are staying busy and we will be able to see you soon.

Thanks for keeping us updated.


2:20 PM

Blogger randy said...

Hey Tom, I dont even know if you check this but I live in Seattle and have a show called Maximum Living with Randy, its on FOX and also on KTLA.com etc...you can go to KTLA.com click on Thanksgiving at the top of the page and then scroll down to Maximum Living with Randy about half way down. Im from L.A. and have family that has orange/lemon/grapefruit/and avocado ranches not far from you,they own most of them in ventura, so if you ever need help I can introduce you to them, actually you may already know them, the Santana's...I saw you were affiliated with Pepperdine, so is my family,in fact my sister and her husband built one of the buildings there and dedicated it to the university. I was going to ask a mutual acquaintence of ours to introduce us sometime when I am in L.A. I thought it would be fun for you and I to hook up and we could do some cooking...I have some great avocado recipes...check out my videos I have on KTLA for the holidays and contact me if you would be into talking...I dont want to post my info on here but you can reach me through Q13FOX in seattle, if you call, ask for Teresa and she will get the message to me. Hope to hear from you. R

12:31 AM

Blogger randy said...

Hey Tom, totally new to this blog thing, I sent a reply but for some reason it didnt post. Anway, would be great to meet up and cook sometime when Im in L.A. I have a show on TV called Maximum Living...you can check out segments on KTLA.com then go to the Thanksgiving link at the top and scroll halfway down the page, youll see Maximum Living with Randy check out the videos, if you want to chat sometime let me know..I also have a blog on here called Maximumlivingwithrandy and one that is Maximum Living-Randy I just started it so I dont have anything posted as of yet but you can post to me there. Hope to meet you, I have always been a fan. You can also reach me through KTLA in L.A. or through Q13FOX in Seattle, actually, that would probably be the best, when you call the station ask for teresa and she can get me the message. talk soon-R :)

12:50 AM

Blogger randy said...

Hey Tom, this is Randy with Maximum Living with Randy on KTLA, I am new to this posting thing and bloggging but I sent two messages to you but neither of them posted, did you get my email? my email is randyaltig@verizon.net

1:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom hello,

I am Belgian, I am called Sylvain Waeytens dad of 2 wires, married since 1998 and I allow myself to write this email in my language to you because I do not know English, I hope that you will read it nevertheless.

I am 34 years old but I am not a true fan on the level career on the other hand from the human point of view and as father I find that you protect super good hold them compared to all what surrounds you really thinks has much things (Web, magazine it is hard to find info’s especially when you are like me Belgian and not speaking your language).

I wanted to just to say you that I am admiring by full with thing concerning you for example: will have that you can release has thousands of kilometres’; look at me you is able to touch me whereas I live in Belgium and that one does not even know oneself however I do not have a fan and I am even against in general.

Finally I am not sure that it is you which will read this email and I suppose that will be one or one of your collaborators if by chance the contrary case I would be am really delighted and you can be to trust of what you do around of you. But knows that I am not a person wanting to know full with things about you and your life but according to all that I read and look at concerning you I find that you must be a worthy person to be known and with this intention here what I propose to you (not large things for you and so enormous for me).

I know that you are married with Jillie and which is English if you go from time to time to England, comes to make a small round by at it is with an great honor that I would accommodates you and hold them among mine. Here my address 36, rue Awan-Goza 4920 Aywaille Belgium Tel. 003243821207 or 0032476646131. Knows especially that it is not because you are a celebrity that I write this email to you and that I offer hospitality to you but for as I have write it above to you your will have, your ideas on the family, policy, your manner of living with hold and still full with other things which concern you. But I remain perplexed one on this email is what it is well you who will read it so yes it is the super so not person who will read it transmit it to Tom (thank you).

As you can note it I am not an arts person especially in writing it east can be with my formation to graduate in electro mechanics and I like my trade but also to arrange. Perhaps a first common point, I could read that you had a farm or ranch and you worked much for this one still an admiration which I have towards you compared to your statute.

Finally I will not longer retain you but if you come to the house I could show you the beautiful house which I built myself interior like outside and if one further goes still why not to become one of your employees I am sure that you must be an excellent owner (to laugh).

Thank you not to leave this email without continuation, I do not have much hope which one meets one day because I suspect the number of email of this type that you must receive but knows a thing that all that I have to you write were sincere.

Goodbye and can be with soon.

In a friendly way Sylvain

1:39 AM

Blogger mery71 said...

Happy Birthday to you,Tom!Good luck!Kisses by Mery from Bulgaria

9:05 AM

Blogger Pandeló said...

Tom, in my mind you´ll be Magnum PI...forever...

Every single day i see you on TCM...

thank you.

I´m 44 yars old now and watch magnum PI since 1980...

2:25 PM

Blogger Iris said...

Think you have had a great career. Love all your movies. Just watched, Stone Cold, again. 4TH time. My birthday is the 27th of Jan. Lets me feel we have just a little smidge in common. l have lived in the same little Mt. town in Colo. for 62 yrs. Creede, Co. Can't imagine what it would be like to have a life of travel. Magnum is still my favorite. Your fan, Iris Birdsey

8:14 PM

Blogger marianne said...

Tom it was a pleasure meeting you today (3/26) at the Vietnam Memorial Fund/Education Center breakfast at the Capital Hilton in DC! Thanks for all you are doing to support this worthwhile cause!

I would love to interview you the next time you are in town, if you would consider allowing that.

Thank you,
Marianne Ricci
faith2REALITY Productions

3:35 PM

Blogger Emily said...


I would have written sooner but I just came across this site. Happy Belated Birthday. I want you to know your birthday is celebrated each year at the elementary school where I am a teacher. I met you in New York when you were doing "A Thousand Clowns" when my friends sent me there to see your play for my 35th birthday. It was about a week before 9-11-01 and I am sure you don't remember me but I will never forget the happiness you added to my birthday celebration. I hope you enjoyed the special commemorative cigar I gave you before your play. Please know that each year there are 900 elementary kids who celebrate your birthday in Georgia.

Take care,

3:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok totally off the subject, but my dad really wants a copy of High Road to China and I can't find it anywhere! Any ideas?

11:01 PM

Blogger Lara said...

Hi... I think I'm late... I've just discovered this blog, but the last message was sent in Feb 2008 (almost 2 years ago). Not sure if you are the real Tom, and if you happen to be, not sure if you'll ever read this message... I'm from Brazil, but have been living in Australia for the past 10 years... Couple of weeks ago, I turned the tv on in the morning and, for my surprise, "Magnum P I" was on... I hadn't seen it since my teenage years! That brought me great memories and made me realise that you are the most gorgeous man on earth!!! I really hope to see more of you in the near future... Hope all is well.... Love, Lara.

9:33 PM

Blogger Sarianna said...

There is a unique beauty that only be found through the art of graceful aging. You're not old! You'll never be old! I've watched you over the years and you are still the sexiest man in the world! My daughter was born because of a dream I had of you! I don't remember the details, but I woke up my husband (he's no longer with us)and nine months later I had a beautiful baby girl named Mikey. I must thank you or God or the forces that be, whatever. She certainly has been a blessing. As for technology, some things in life are better the old fashioned way!

7:51 PM


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