Tuesday, August 10, 2004

First Post!

My therapist said I should stop living in the 80's so i went out and bought a computer a couple of weeks ago.
I hear this "blog" thing is pretty popular and so is Tom Selleck. So blog, meet Selleck.

I just kind of sat around today and read a few scripts.
Then I cooked up a mean steak. It was pretty good. I had this nice sauce on it. I think I want to buy a new grill.
I also replied to some fan mail today, too.
I wish people would forgot that time I shaved my moustache.
People make mistakes, okay?
Even Tom Selleck.

Well, blog, I am kind of tired so I think I'm going to go hit the hay.


Blogger dr.km said...

I was watching Stone Cold last night and was curious about you. You seem very cool and I can imagine you being just an all around nice guy. The world needs more guys like you.

12:24 PM

Blogger just me said...

Hello Tom or whomever is reading these postings. I live in the middle of nowhere in Nova Scotia and have a local business, someone thanked me for being here recently. Simple and sweet, but made me feel good. So I have decided to let some people know how special they really are and you happen to be one of them. I have several people pass through my door from all walks of life, some producers, directors, actors, make up artists, stage hands, set people, hotel clerks, cooks etc. all of which you seem to have made feel special by treating them well and just being you I would suspect. I just thought you should know that it takes someone special to be albe to touch people in a motion or remark. You have it! So thanks, the more people that feel good about themselves the better. Aren't I a poster board for 60's child. Take it how you like, but coodo's to you. Cheers!
Just me

4:09 PM

Blogger SocalNativ said...

Ok, guys...this is NOT Tom Selleck. I found this blog while andwering a movie trivia question. Again, - it is not Tom. He and I have crossed paths several times, - modeling, clothing business in LA, working out at the OCC club in Honolulu. We have mutual friends who attended Marty's wedding (his sister). Tom IS a nice guy. His whole family is a class act. Tom would NEVER talk about his marital status here. He also would not misspell the words that are evident here, or put sentences together like a 20 year old, who is using the anonymity of the computer to gleefully play games.

1:56 PM

Blogger sullivan said...

I have just found the internet and am learning it can be fun not just hard work, I've used computers at work for decades but never thought of them as something to do at home for fun. I was reminiscing about my youth recently and stumbled upon "Magnum" DVD series in a department store. I thought it would be a fun way to remember as I was in school when "Magnum" arrived in Australia. I've been having fun watching re-runs of the show, I decided my computer could probably help me out with my trip down memory lane and I found this website. Watching "Magnum" has been fun, thank you. xoxo Anne, Sydney, Aus

8:54 PM

Blogger Dan Bell said...


Just picked up the Cowboy and Indian magazine that featured you. Very nice and glad that you still have Western movies in the back of your mind as you are one of the best. I live in your area (what I call God's Country) and my wife and I take the little drive through HV often. It reminds me of raising horses in the Lynn Ranch area.
Always hoping to come across you in WL to meet you someday. It would be an honor.

Best to you and your family.


1:04 PM

Blogger Teddymorsicchio said...

Socalnativ: if this is not Tom do you know him? Please can you contact me? I have a blog and here you can find my e-mail...Patty

6:03 AM

Blogger MikeW said...

Just finished watching Jesse Stone: No Remorse. I have really enjoyed this series will he be doing any other movies like this.

3:01 PM


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